Blood Red Lips, Traced With A Tongue They Shine
Sup. That name's Amy Kelley. I'm from Seattle and I fucking hated it there so I moved here instead. I'm an artist, a drummer, and I do killer tattoos. I live with my girlfriend Teagan who's basically hotter, cooler, and better in bed than you whoever you fuck. BTW I'm kind of bitch, but I make up for it by being easy. That's it really, so fuck off.


ooc: Okay I wrote this like three weeks ago before Amy died in me. She was really depressed and bitter and while none of this is relevant anymore, it was just her final thoughts and feelings. Ignore it, I just needed to post it as her last huzzah or whatever.

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Artist: Linkin Park
Title: Waiting For the End
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- A Thousand Suns♥

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Artist: Linkin Park
Album: Hybrid Theory
Title: In The End
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